Southern California Birding Field Tour

01/14/2023 05:00 PM - 01/21/2023 08:00 AM ET


Field Tour


  • $300.00



A birding tour organized by Seven Ponds Nature Center & Birding Los Angeles and Beyond
From one convenient home base we’ll explore the coast, mountains, deserts, and Santa Cruz Island, along with a quest for the majestic California Condor!


Join us for a winter getaway tour to sunny Southern California with Seven Ponds Nature Center and Luke Tiller of Birding Los Angeles and Beyond.  With a base of operations in Pasadena, we’ll have access to a number of different habitats as we search out the special birds of Southern California. Our birding destinations will change each day, from coast to urban to desert to mountains. A boat trip to Santa Cruz Island will find us in search of the highly endemic Island Scrub-Jay. A birding trip to Southern California wouldn’t be complete without seeking the highly-endangered California Condor. All this and more will make our SoCal tour a birding adventure to remember.


$300 deposit to be paid upon event registration. The balance must be paid by December 1, 2022 via a new event that all successful registrants will register for.